With an off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T is the ultimate adventure tire. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern that delivers stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrain. With a large selection of sizing and a 40,000 mile warranty, let the Terrain Attack A/T take you on every journey.


TreadDesign_ATGUnique multi-block tread design ensures smooth ride quality along with superior off road handling and grip.



OffRoad_ATGThe staggered tread block design was made to improve traction in loose dirt, debris and sand.



Sidewall_ATGSidewall designed with duel variation lug technology for greatly improved traction in all environments and weather conditions.



TreadDepth_ATGDeep, stepped tread blocks channel dirt, mud, snow, slush and water away from the tire in all weather conditions.